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Welcome to Bill Sanderson Limited

Hi, I’m Bill Sanderson, thanks for visiting my website.

For over 20 years, I have successfully helped people and businesses to develop and grow through training, coaching and advice.

I have achieved this success in one to one sessions as well as at conference presentations where the audiences are often numbered in thousands.

Core Belief

At the heart of everything I have done is a twofold core belief.

“all growth and development means change.”
This is true in your personal life and your business. To be successful you need to know how to manage change constructively, to your benefit and to the benefit of those you interact with.

“opportunity favours only the prepared mind.”
Prepare yourself positively to develop the mindset needed to manage change, in all aspects of your life. You will then see – and take, more opportunities because you are better equipped to exploit them.

I can help you to see and take opportunities that will bring success and reward to your life in four ways. Please click here for a brief introduction to each of them.


Bill Sanderson : Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Trainer : Conference Presentations